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Plug-N'-Play Conversion Kit


Kit Compatibility:

2015 - Current Ford Transit high-roof cargo, 148" wheelbase, extended body. 

*Not compatible with the Transit passenger van due to airbag placement.

*Only compatible with windows mounted in the rear cargo doors and side slider door.



  • Upholstered Wall Panels

  • R-13 EcoTouch Insulation

  • Paradigm Bed System

  • 4" Dual Density Mattress

  • Luxury Sheet Vinyl Flooring

  • Kitchen Galley Cabinet

  • 5 Gallon - Quick Connect Fresh Water Tank

  • 5 Gallon - Quick Connect Grey Water Tank

  • Large Stainless Steel Sink

  • Brushed Nickle Pull-Down Faucet

  • Electric Water Pump

  • Corrian® counter tops

  • Overhead LED lighting

  • Under Cabinet LED Lighting

  • Lagun Table Mount

  • 10ft Overhead Storage Cabinet

  • Paradigm Swivel Seat Base

  • Dedicated AGM House Battery (100ah)

  • 12vdc Electrical System w/ Central Fuse Panel

  • USB Charging Outlets and 12v Barrel Socket

  • Dual Source MPPT Charge Controller

  • 2.3 cf 12V Isotherm Marine Refrigerator

  • LED Dimmer Switch

  • Headliner Shelf

  • Privacy Curtain Track



​Everything in the "Adventurer" Package

-- PLUS --

  • MaxxAir Deluxe 10 speed roof vent.

  • Expanded AGM Battery Bank (200 ah total)

  • Extruded Aluminum Roof Rails

  • 180W high-efficiency Monocrystaline Solar Panel (one 180W panel)

  • 30A Shore Power Connection

  • 300w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • (2) 110V outlets

  • Shore Power Automatic Transfer Switch



Everything in the "Explorer" Package

-- PLUS --

  • 360W high-efficiency Monocrystaline Solar Panel (two 180W panels)

  • Renogy Inverter Charger, featuring:

    • 2,000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    • Shore Power Automatic Transfer Switch

    • Shore Power Charge Converter

  • (4) 110v outlets​​




Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

Sleeping and storage accommodations are extremely flexible and versatile thanks to our patent pending, queen sized, adjustable-height, bi-folding bed system that will change the way you think about sleeping and cargo options inside your van.  Adjustable sleeping heights accommodate extra tall cargo storage below the bed, or extra low sleeping positions for children/pets.  Each side of the bed can be used independently or simultaneously as necessary to accommodate all of your adventurous needs.  Furthermore, the entire bed system can be completely removed in less than 60 seconds to allow the van to be used as a full-blown cargo van / dance floor.


Paradigm Van Conversions Insulation

Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

Insulation can make all the difference when camping in extreme temperatures.  All of our kits are included with with Greengard certified EcoTouch R-13 insulation on both walls and the ceiling.


Paradigm Van Conversions Corian Countertops

Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

Genuine, Corian® solid surface counter tops are standard.  Corian® is much lighter than stone yet offers all of the same benefits of real stone, and then some.  Unlike natural stone that must be sealed to prevent staining and can crack with excessive vibration, Corian® is stain proof, structurally stable, and literally maintenance free.



Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

The functional interior layout features a FMVSS certified seat swivel base with offset swivel center, to allow the user to fully rotate the seat 180° without interference from the B pillar or passenger door.  In conjunction with the bench seat located aft of the sliding door, the swivel seat creates a comfortable and scenic dining / working space for you and the sidekick of your choice.  Our kits also accommodate factory Ford swivels as well, if your van is already equipped with them.



Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

To power all of the electrical components in the van, our kits come standard with a Renogy AGM house battery bank capable of powering the refrigerator, interior lights, roof vent, etc. for approximately 2 days, with typical use, before needing to be recharged.  All electrical circuits use marine grade, double insulated, oxygen-free, copper conductors with individual fuse protection.



Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

Everyone has devices to charge.  That is why USB charging ports and a 12V power socket are standard.  Power for these ports comes pre-wired to the auxiliary house battery so you don't have to worry about draining your vehicle starting battery and becoming stranded.


Paradigm Van Conversions Shore Power Connection Outlet

Explorer & Voyager

The "Explorer" and "Voyager" packages have an external 30 amp shore power connection outlet.  Shore power can be used at campgrounds, at home, or with generators to provide an unlimited supply of 120V power at the galley cabinet outlets.  Additionally, the "Voyager" package can utilize shore power to charge the house batteries.



Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

All of the cabinetry is custom designed and CNC cut to fit perfectly and mount using only factory mounting locations.  The materials used are of the highest quality, Grade-A, 11 ply veneer birch plywood, making them strong enough to endure road vibration and high humidity environments. 

Features include:

  • Inset Doors and drawers

  • Baltic Birch Drawer Construction 

  • BLUM® - Full Extension Under Mount Steel Drawer Slides with Soft Close

  • BLUM® - 110° Fully Concealed 6-Way Adjustable Door Hinges with Soft Close

  • Gas Strut lift assist on all overhead doors.

  • Spring assist lift hinges on seat bench cabinet

  • All doors and drawers utilize Southco® positive-close door latches to prevent opening while driving



Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

All packages include a 4" open cell foam mattress that provides both comfort and support.  The mattress cushions are covered with a durable outdoor fabric that resists UV exposure and abrasion.  Each mattress cover has a full length zipper to allow the cover to be easily removed for cleaning.



Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

The Aspen packages are equipped with a 5 gal fresh water tank and a 5 gallon grey water tank.  Both tanks are located inside the van to resist freezing during 4-season camping.  Both water tanks are equipped with quick-release water fitting and cobra latches on the retaining straps to allow you to quickly and conveniently remove either tank for filling or dumping.  The tanks are made of an industrial grade transparent polyethylene with visual volume indications to allow the water level to be read easily and accurately.



Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

The Lagun brand is a recognizable symbol of quality.  Esteemed worldwide in premium RV and marine applications for its practical space saving function and extremely high quality construction.  Lagun is the best table mount on the market, hands down.  The Aspen kit includes a Lagun mount to provide a robust table that can be easily used when seated on the bench or in the passenger swivel seat.  Likewise, at any time it can be swiveled against the wall and utilized as additional counter space.



Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

All packages offer a dedicated house power bank to power all of the electrical loads like the lights, refrigerator, roof vent and USB outlets.  The house power is provided from Renogy™ sealed AGM batteries.  The "Adventurer" package is equipped with one (1) 100Ah battery, and the "Explorer" and "voyager" packages have two (2), for a total of 200Ah of power.  Each package is capable of running for about 2 full days (depending on usage) before needing to be recharged.  The system is capable of being expanded up to four (4) batteries if longer periods of autonomy (without the need for charging) are desired.



Explorer & Voyager

The "Explorer" and "Voyager" packages are equipped with high efficiency 180W monocrystalline rigid solar panel(s).  The solar panel(s) is mounted to our low-profile roof rails in a discrete configuration to maintain low wind drag and a stealthy aesthetic.  The solar integration has been designed to utilize only pre-existing factory roof penetrations so no additional holes or modification is necessary for this solar installation.


Paradigm Van Conversions 300W Inverter

Explorer Only

The "Explorer" package features a 300W pure sine wave inverter and a duplex outlet located on the side of the galley cabinet.  This inverter transforms the 12V DC power stored in your house batteries into standard 120V household AC power for use with even the most sensitive electronic devices.  300W is sufficient to operate devices such as TVs, fans, curling irons, CPAP machines, and electric blankets.


Transit Wall Panels

Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

All of the wall and ceiling panels are light-weight and designed to secure in place using only factory mounting holes; no permanent modification necessary.  The panels are upholstered with a durable UV resistant fabric for a warm and inviting appearance, and are secured in place using stainless steel fasteners.  The wall paneling also plays a significant role in reducing road noise while traveling.


Paradigm Van Conversions Dirt Bikes Under Bed

Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

Highly flexible and versatile storage is one of the central features of our kits.  The rear cargo space can be configured on the fly to accommodate your changing needs and adventures.  The rear cargo area is full width, wall-to-wall and not only can the bed height be adjusted, each side of the bed platform can be used independently or completely removed.  In addition to the rear cargo area, the Aspen kit is equipped with 10 linear feet of overhead cabinetry and storage located in both the galley and bench seat.



Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

No hand pumping or gravity needed.  Fresh water is supplied using a 12v, pressure regulated, RV water pump.  The pump automatically runs on demand when the faucet is opened, and shuts off when the faucet is closed.  The faucet will operate just like the one in a real house.



Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

All kits include a headliner shelf over the cab area for additional storage.  The shelf sits just above the factory overhead bins to maximize storage above and below the shelf.


Paradigm Van Conversions MPPT Charge Controller

Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

The electrical system utilizes the latest multi-stage, multi-input, MPPT battery charger from Renogy.  This smart charger is capable of charging the house battery from the alternator while driving or by utilizing solar panels ("Explorer" and "Voyager packages only) connected directly to the unit.  All charging is done utilizing a chemistry specific, temperature compensated, 3-phase charging profile to promote battery health and prolong battery life.  Weather using Lead Acid, Gel, AGM, or Lithium batteries, the charger will accommodate it.  The system intelligently prioritizes the two DC power sources (Alternator or Solar) to maximize performance and will even trickle charge the van's starting battery from solar once the house battery is fully charged. 


Paradigm Van Conversions Roof Rails

Explorer & Voyager

The "Explorer" and "Voyager" Packages include low profile extruded aluminum roof rails mounted to the Ford factory mounting locations for securing solar panels / misc gear on the roof.  The factory mounting locations can support up to 400 lbs. The 97" long rails can accommodate two (2) 180W solar panels with some room to spare.  Installation does not require any additional holes or modification to van.


Paradigm Van Conversions Shore Power Automatic Transfer Switch

Explorer Only

When you plug the van into shore power, the automatic transfer switch, equipped on the "Explorer" package, will automatically detect the presence and availability of shore power and automatically switch the electrical feed for the galley outlets from the 300W inverter to direct shore power.  When operating on shore power, the galley outlets can be used to power large appliances like microwaves, induction cook-tops, hair dryers, coffee pots, etc.  Additionally, if there is a power outage at your shore connection, the switch will automatically transfer back to battery/inverter feed until power is restored.  An especially useful feature for those using a CPAP machine and desiring uninterrupted power even if shore power is dropped during the night.



Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

The interior is beautify lit with warm-white, recessed, overhead LEDs.  The LEDs consume very little power and are fully dimmable via a wall mounted capacitive touch dimmer switch.  For relaxing mood lighting, the ceiling soffit is outfitted with a color changing LED ribbon that lights the space indirectly for a soft, gentle lighting ambiance that will set the scene for any occasion.  Red is a popular color for use at night when you may want to preserve your night vision.



Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

The floors are a commercial-grade luxury sheet vinyl adhered to a 3/4" thick composite sub-floor, isolated with a conduction inhibiting polymer adhesive to prevent direct contact with the van body, and reduce noise transmission.  The vinyl flooring is water proof to spills, and easy to clean.  The composite sub floor uses tongue and groove joints at each panel seam to ensure a flex-free and squeak-free joint.



Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

At first glance your eye will immediately be caught by the stunning brushed nickle kitchen faucet fixture and deep T304 stainless steel sink.  The pull down faucet head has two spray modes that allows you to go from aerated stream to rinsing spray at the push of a button.  The sink basin features an integrated drain strainer to keep large food particles out of your grey water tanks, and a drain stopper to fill the sink for doing dishes.



Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

All packages come with a sliding curtain track for a privacy curtain that will prevent onlookers from marveling at your awesome van interior, without scheduling a formal guided tour with you.  A privacy curtain is especially handy when trying to maintain a stealthy profile at night when you have lights on inside your van and you don't especially want people gawking in at you.  An insulated curtain can also make the space more comfortable in the winter by isolating the cab (which is the largest area of heat loss due to the large glass windshield and windows) from the rest of the living space.


Paradigm Van Conversions Isotherm Refrigerator

Adventurer, Explorer & Voyager

Having a place to conveniently store perishable goods, put your beers on chill, and even hide your ice cream, is an amenity that can't be taken for granted.  Our kits come standard with a top-of-the-line, 65 Liter Isotherm marine refrigerator / freezer.  Isotherm is known as one of the very best brands available and is purpose built to withstand harsh travel and environmental conditions.  The refrigerator uses a high efficiency, hyper-quiet, 12V Danfoss compressor that is specifically designed to run directly from a battery without the need for propane or 120V shore power.



Explorer & Voyager

The MaxxFan Deluxe is the gold standard in RV roof vents and is what our "Explorer" and "Voyager" packages utilize due to their unmatched quality and performance, featuring:​

  • Built-In Rain Cover to always protect your RV's interior and allow for operation in rainy conditions

  • Powerful 900 CFM, 10 speed intake or exhaust fan

  • Thermostat to control room temperature

  • Manual Opening or Remote Control Electric Opening lid

  • Brings in fresh air and removes hot musty air and odors

  • Fan can be run with lid closed to circulate air (Ceiling Fan Mode)

  • Closes securely for a low profile appearance

2kW Inverter Charger


Voyager Only

Unique to the "Voyager" package is the all-in-one 2,000W Renogy inverter charger.  This sophisticated unit will charge your house batteries when connected to shore power, utilizing a 4 stage, chemistry specific charge profile. 

When not plugged in to shore power, the integrated 2,000W pure sine wave inverter will transform the 12V DC power stored in the batteries to supply clean 120V AC power to the galley cabinet outlets.  2,000W is sufficient to operate some of the most demanding devices and appliances, such as an induction cooktop, microwave, coffee pot, space heater, blender, instapot, E-bike chargers and many power tools.   Additionally, the unit has an integrated automatic transfer switch that offers seamless, uninterrupted switching from inverter power to shore power.

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