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  • 200Ah Self-Heating LiFePo4 Battery Bank (2.4kWh)
    A dedicated 2.4kWh battery bank of (2x) 100Ah self-heating, smart lithium iron phosphate batteries povide power for all house systems. LiFePo4 batteries are ideal for van conversions due to their high energy density, low weight, long lifespan, and safety. They can store a lot of energy in a small space and are very lightweight, making them perfect for applications where space is limited. LiFePo4 batteries also have a low risk of catching fire, making them a safer choice compared to other lithium-ion batteries.
  • 2,000W pure sine-wave Inverter
    An inverter is a device used to convert DC electricity from a battery or solar panel into AC electricity, which is needed to power household appliances and electronic devices when not connected to the grid. The inverter is capable of providing 2,000 Watts of power, and brief spikes up to 6,000 Watts. This size of inverter will run most of your home appliances such a small microwave, hair dryer, induction cooktop, blender, etc.
  • 500W Solar Charging
    Two high efficiency 250W monocrystalline solar panels are affixed to the Code7 roof rack for a total of 500W of available solar power to recharge your systems passively. Charging is provided by a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller to maximize use of available sunlight and ensure batteries are charged efficiently.
  • 50A Alternator Charging
    The house battery bank is automatically recharged from the vehicles alternator when driving. A 50 Amp DC-DC charge controller ensure a fast and efficient charge that will safely charge your batteries. All of our charge controllers are configurable and can be used with a variety of battery chemistries such as flooded lead-acid, Li-ion, LiFePO4, Gel and AGM.
  • 30A Shore Power Connection
    A 30A - 120V shore power connection allows the van to connect to an external power source, like a power outlet or generator, to charge the batteries and power the electrical systems. It offers several benefits, such as a nearly unlimited use power, faster battery charging, battery maintenance, and convenience. It's a great option when parked in a campground or RV park and have access to an external power source.
  • (4x) 110Vac outlets​ / (1x) 12Vdc Barrel / (2x) USB ports
    Powering your appliances and charging your devices from the house electrical system is made easy with thoughtfully placed power connection points. (2) 110Vac outlets located on the galley. Ideal for running kitchen appliances like induction cooktops, microwaves, and blenders. (2) 110Vac outlets located in the bunk area. Ideal for powering CPAP machines, electric blankets, and charging E-Bikes. (1) 12Vdc barrel socket located on the galley + (1) located in the bunk area. Ideal for powering portable 12v equipment like mini air compressors, fans, some small electric blankets, and charging batteries. (2) USB ports located on the galley + (2) located in the bunk area. Ideal for charging personal electronics like phones, tablets, speakers, and cameras.
  • Premium Cabinetry
    At Paradigm, we take great care in creating cabinetry that is both practical and durable, able to withstand the demands of travel. Using only the best hardwood plywood and commercial grade laminates, each component is crafted using state-of-the-art CNC machines to ensure consistent high quality. Our cabinet design and construction sets us apart from other class B motorhomes, whose interiors tend to be made of cheap materials and are overbuilt and cramped. Our open-concept floorplan, on the other hand, makes the living space feel more spacious, versatile, and enjoyable to be in. Overhead Cabinets: The overhead storage cabinetry, measuring 10ft in length, offers plenty of room for your belongings, keeping them neatly stored and out of sight. The soft-close hinges guarantee a smooth closure every time, and the gas lift struts make opening and holding the cabinet doors effortless. The rear cabinet doors open to reveal a pass-through divider that is perfect for storing longer items such as hiking poles and awning cranks, while still providing separate sections for smaller items to prevent them from moving around while in motion. Kitchen Galley Cabinet: The kitchen galley cabinet is a perfect combination of style and functionality. It serves as the primary location for all mechanical and electrical systems, while still offering ample storage space. Keeping these systems in the galley cabinet allows the van to perform efficiently in all seasons, simplifies servicing, and maximizes cargo space in other parts of the van. Utility Bench Cabinet: The utility bench is a versatile storage cabinet that can serve multiple purposes. It is designed to hold a portable cassette toilet, can be used as a seat, and the lid can be raised to convert the bed into a chaise lounge.
  • Insulated privacy window covers
    An often overlooked amenity for first time van owners, insulated window covers are essential for creating a comfortable and private living space inside your van. Our window covers are designed for superior temperature regulation, featuring automotive grade insulation to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also offer 100% light blocking, ideal for stealth camping, and have external facing black fabric and a perfect fit to prevent any light leakage. The covers are held in place by strategically placed magnets with maximum holding power, and are easy to install or pack up and store in minutes. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly, made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.
  • Vinyl Flooring
    The entire subfloor is covered with a marine grade sheet vinyl, creating a durable and long-lasting surface that is both waterproof and visually appealing. The sheet vinyl is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and resist wear and tear, making it ideal for the demanding environment of a camper van.
  • Headliner Storage Shelf
    A large storage shelf is positioned above the front cab, maximizing the use of the headliner area for practical storage. This shelf is equipped with integrated L-track mounting points and coat hooks.
  • Dimmable LED Lighting
    The interior is illuminated by recessed, overhead LED lights. These energy-efficient LEDs provide bright and gentle lighting that can be fully dimmed to your desired level with the use of a sleek wall-mounted touch dimmer switch. The ceiling soffit is also equipped with a color-changing LED ribbon that adds a touch of elegance by providing indirect lighting and creating a soft and inviting atmosphere perfect for any occasion. The red light option is a popular choice among travelers as it helps preserve night vision while enjoying a relaxing interior environment. In addition to this, under cabinet task lighting provides bright, focused light that is perfect for cooking or other tasks that require precise lighting, making tasks like cooking safer and more convenient.
  • Paradigm Adjustable Bed System
    Our patented, queen-sized, adjustable-height, bi-folding bed system offers unparalleled flexibility and versatility for sleeping and storage accommodations in your van. The bed system's adjustable heights allow for extra tall cargo storage below the bed or extra low sleeping positions for children and pets. Each side of the bed can be positioned independently to create a wide range of sleeping and seating configurations, accommodating to all of your adventurous needs. Each platform can be folded and stowed vertically to allow walking passage from the rear doors to the front cabin, or for oversized cargo transport, expanding the usable space of your van during times when the beds are not being used. For even more sleeping capacity, simply add a 3rd or 4th additional platform! Say goodbye to the traditional limitations of van living!
  • Passenger Swivel Seat
    Our functional interior layout features a FMVSS certified seat swivel with offset swivel center. This allows the user to fully rotate the seat 180 degrees without interference from the B pillar or the need to open the passenger door (as with a factory swivel from Ford). When paired with the bench seat located behind the sliding door, the swivel seat creates a comfortable and scenic dining and working space for you and your companions.
  • Utility Bench
    The multi-functional utility bench is a versatile storage solution designed to serve multiple purposes. It can hold a portable cassette toilet, serve as a seat, and its lid can be raised to convert the bed into a chaise lounge. This bench provides flexible and practical storage options while also adding to the comfort and functionality of your campervan.
  • Lagun Swivel Table
    Lagun is a respected brand known for its high-quality construction and practical space-saving function in premium RV and marine applications worldwide. The Lagun mount provides a sturdy table that can be easily used while seated on the bench or in the passenger swivel seat, and can also be swiveled outside the door of the van to extend the function of this table beyond the confines of the interior.
  • 52" Galley Cabinet
    The kitchen galley cabinet is a powerhouse of form and function. It serves as the central location for all mechanical and electrical systems, while still maintaining a generous amount of high-quality storage space. The ability to house all of these systems within the galley cabinet allows the van to remain fully operational in all 4 seasons, makes servicing these systems very easy, and maximized the available cargo space elsewhere in the van.
  • 12v Isotherm Marine Refrigerator
    Keep your food and drinks fresh and cool on the go with our top-of-the-line, 65 Liter (2.3cf) Isotherm marine refrigerator / freezer. All of our packages include this premium brand known for its durability in harsh travel and environmental conditions. The refrigerator is equipped with a high-efficiency, ultra-quiet 12V compressor that runs directly from your house battery, eliminating the need for propane or 120V shore power to keep things on chill. Never take the convenience of a reliable refrigerator for granted again.
  • Corian Countertops
    The kitchen countertops and Lagun swivel table are made with Genuine Corian solid surface material. They are lightweight, durable, stain-proof, and requires little maintenance. Corian is non-porous, which means it doesn't absorb liquids or bacteria and easy to clean.
  • Brushed Nickle Pull Down Faucet
    The kitchen faucet is a standout feature that is both practical and elegant. With its sleek brushed nickel finish and two spray modes. The pull-down head allows for easy switch between aerated stream and rinsing spray, making it a versatile and convenient option for all of your kitchen needs.
  • Large Stainless Steel Sink
    The deep stainless steel sink is designed for practicality and style. With an undermount installation, it creates a sleek and seamless look in your kitchen. The sink features an integrated drain strainer to prevent large food particles from entering your grey water tank and a drain stopper for filling the sink for doing dishes.
  • Electric Water Pump
    The fresh water supply in your campervan is powered by a 12V, pressure regulated RV water pump. This pump is designed to automatically turn on when the faucet is opened, and turn off when it is closed, providing you with a consistent and convenient water flow, similar to that of a traditional household faucet.
  • Quick Connect Water Tanks
    Our water system is designed to be both convenient and efficient. It features a modular, portable design that includes a 5-gallon fresh water tank and a 5-gallon grey water tank. Both tanks are located inside the van to resist freezing during 4-season camping and both tanks feature quick-release water fittings for easy removal and filling or dumping. Beyond it's simplicity, some additional benefits are: Accessibility: Instead of being limited to only available garden hose connections common for most RVs, a portable water tank allows you to fill your tank from a standard drinking water refill station located inside most grocery stores and gas stations. Scalable: Most fixed tank applications result in about about 10% of your water being unusable due to the wide footprint of the tank. This means you have to bring extra water and carry that extra weight just so the water system continues to function properly. By using multiple smaller tanks in our system, the water is used more effectively and you can bring as little or as much water as you need for each trip. For short weekend trips, the single 5 gallon tank is often more than enough. For long off-grid adventures, pack along several more tanks that can simply be swapped out as needed. Winterization: Locating drain valves under the van, installing tank bypass lines, connecting glycol siphon tubes, and running through a long list of steps in the winterization procedure is standard for most RV owners, but not for ours. Winterizing and putting back into service literally only takes 60 seconds. Level Monitoring: The tanks are constructed from transparent polyethylene with visual volume indicators, allowing for easy and accurate monitoring of the water levels without the need or reliability issues of traditional level sensors.
  • Spray Port With 15ft Retractable Hose
    A quick connect retractable water hose allows for extended versatility and convenience. Easily clean dirty paws and sandy feet, or even take an outdoor shower. The self recoiling feature also allows for easy storage and prevents the hose from getting tangled or kinked.
  • 2.2kw Espar Gasoline Heater
    Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple fuel sources! This heater runs solely on gasoline from the vehicle's gas tank which eliminates the need for a separate propane tank, saving space and reducing weight in your van. The heater's advanced technology allows it to burn fuel efficiently and automatically compensate for altitude up to 13,000ft. Whether you are camping in the mountains or traveling to remote locations, this heater will keep you warm and comfortable.
  • R13 Insulation
    With a high average R-value of 13, our insulation system effectively keeps the heat in during the winter and keeps the van cool in the summer. The insulation is made of hydrophobic glass fibers that resist mold growth and moisture absorption. Additionally, its Greengard certification ensures that it is made without the use of formaldehyde or other chemicals that can be harmful to indoor air quality, making it a safe choice for you and your family.
  • MaxxAir Deluxe 10 speed Roof Vent
    The MaxxFan Deluxe is the top choice for RV roof vents because of its exceptional quality and performance. It includes a built-in rain cover, powerful 900 CFM fan with 10 speeds, thermostat control, and the option for manual or remote-controlled electric opening. This fan effectively removes hot and musty air, odors, and brings in fresh air. It can even be used with the lid closed to circulate air. It also has a sleek and secure closed position for a low profile appearance .
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