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Paradigm Van Conversions LLC was founded on the foundational principals of adventure and the passion for building and creating.  After spending years immersed in the world of custom camper vans, it became apparent that the conversion van industry was severely under-serving the majority of outdoor enthusiasts by over-complicating the build process, charging ridiculous prices, and irreversibly altering the base vehicle.  Our founders were inspired to shift the paradigm of how people think about camper van conversions and make vanlife an accessible and uncompromising reality for like-minded adventurers.


Our Plug-N'-Play kits unapologetically offer the best value of any camper van conversion on the market today by providing superior versatility, rugged durability, designer finishes, innovative and proprietary designs, lightning-fast build times, and free install.  We will be forever committed to innovation and improvement, continually expanding our offerings with the same enthusiasm that influenced our initial pursuit.




Our team has over 25 yrs of mechanical engineering, construction, and automotive customization experience.  High versatility, ease of use, durability, and aesthetics are at the core of every design consideration.


All of our manufacturing is done in-house to ensures consistent quality and complete control over the materials that go into your van.  Having full control over our design and production process allows our offerings to quickly evolve and expand with changing technology and customer feedback.


By pre-manufacturing all of the kit components and stocking inventory ahead of orders, we are able to turn your empty cargo van into a fully converted adventure wagon faster than anyone else!

Who ever said you couldn't have your cake and eat it too?

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